The joys of pregnancy! It’s beautiful and it’s a special time for the mother, special I am using very fluidly. To put it frank pregnancy sucks. If you’re one of the blessed ladies who didn’t feel any symptoms, all I have to say it ENJOY IT while the rest of us suffer! lol. But no really, people like me that have synmptomatic pregnancies have a hard time just diving right into pregnancy #2. I just started this new series on TikTok and already it has amassed over 1 million views. Which is WILD to me. Over 1 million people have viewed my face, so I’ll be in someone’s dreams tonight.


##realmomtalk! WHY DIDN’T THEY WARN US?! ##pregnancy ##pregnant ##momlife ##momcontent ##mom ##momsoftiktok ##tiktokmoms

♬ original sound – edizaferris

For those of you who aren’t able to see the video I’ll just give you a recap here. There aren’t any captions so for future videos I’ll need to update that for my deafies. But I don’t really go into much detail since I only have 1 minute so these are the points that I am able to hit:

  • “Morning Sickness” – Is not just in the morning. It’s all day everyday and you feel hungover the entire time.
  • Your nipples enlarge – The actual nipple turns to the size of a marble and your areola gets big. Like the size of a saucer.
  • Constipation – This is the worst you’ll ever endure.
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